headerAdVenture Capitalist was released on March 30, 2015 by Hyper Hippo Games . The game was developed by Hyper Hippo Games . AdVenture Capitalist is a business simulation game.

AdVenture Capitalist is the world’s greatest capitalism simulator. Start with a humble lemonade stand, and squeeze your way to total fiscal domination! Earn ridiculous sums of cash, diversify your investments, and attract an army Angel Investors to give your businesses a boost!

At the start of the game the player has several different businesses to work with. Initially there is 1 lemonade stand. Clicking on the icon earns some money.

After a few clicks there is enough money to hire a manager who will run the business for the player. It does not take long to buy into each business type.

This game is very big time waster. It continues to earn even when you are not playing. Then when you load the game it provides a report of earnings. Most Steam friends with this game have all accumulated over 100 hours with this game.

As money is earned the player can then open additional businesses and hire more managers. There are ten different types of business in the game. The cost of additional businesses increases as the number of them grows.

There are opportunities for upgrades to earn more money, with various unlocks with cash investments. As the number of businesses increases the speed at which earnings can be made is increased.

At certain numbers of businesses, the speed of earning is increased. The first is at 25, then 50, 100, 200, 300 and 400. You also get bonuses when you reach 25 of each etc. Once you reach 500 the profits are increased instead of the speed. he lemonade multiplier is higher so it actually becomes a big source of income once you get 1100 or more. Generally the profits are doubled but lemonade is quadrupled. The prices rise as more businesses are bought and rate at which each goes up varies as the money grows.

  • lemonade stand (10,000 maximum unlock)
  • newspaper deliveries (5,400 maximum unlock)
  • car wash (5,500 maximum unlock)
  • pizza delivery (5,750 maximum unlock)
  • donut shop (6,250 maximum unlock)
  • shrimp boat (6,500 maximum unlock)
  • hockey team (7,000 maximum unlock)
  • movie studio (7,750 maximum unlock)
  • bank (8,500 maximum unlock)
  • oil company (9,750 maximum unlock)
  • everything (5,000 maximum unlock)

Angel Investors will come to join in, and as you earn more money they increase in number. You can sell and restart but the angel investors will increase the earnings so you recover very quickly. After about 50-60 cycles of sales and new angle investors acquired the player should be close to the 1000 of each achievement. Eventually you get an option to buy the earth.


thousand = 103
million = 106
billion = 109
trillion = 1012
quadrillion = 1015
quintillion = 1018
sextillion = 1021
septillion = 1024
octillion = 1027
nonillion = 1030
decillion = 1033
undecillion = 1036
duodecillion = 1039
tredecillion = 1042
quattuordecillion = 1045
quindecillion = 1048
sexdecillion = 1051
septdecillion = 1054
octdecillion = 1057
novemdecillion = 1060
vigintillion = 1063
unvigintillion = 1066
duovigintillion = 1069
trevigintillion = 1072
quattuorvigintillion = 1075
quinvigintillion = 1078
sexvigintillion = 1081
septenvigintillion = 1084
octovigintillion = 1087
novemvigintillion = 1090
trigintillion = 1093
quadragintillion = 10123
quinquagintillion = 10153
sexagintillion = 10183
septuagintillion = 10213
octogintillion = 10243
nonagintillion = 10273
centillion = 10303

The table is based on the Latin numbering system. This table is provided for those who want to learn about larger number systems more generally.


You need to get about 2-3  novemdecillion angel investors for all of the managers and upgrades.  There is a total of 498 unlocks. It takes quite a few cycles of selling and starting over to get enough angels and enough money to get the 1000 of everything achievement. If you buy some gold bars from the game store, you can avoid the reset, but the reset is regained very quickly. This game is not a pay to win game, grinders can carry on undeterred.

A general idea is to cash in the angels every day or 2 so that you can slowly reach the 1000 of each business achievement. The cycling will eventually get all of the angel upgrades. The unlocks become harder to attain with the last few remaining.


After release, on July 23, 2015, the developer expanded the game with a new mode set on the moon with 19 new achievements. The moon is available from the launch screen. This gives the game more playability as this expands the game from the original considerably. The trading cards are pay to win.