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All is Dust was released on June 26, 2015 by Mannequin Games LLC who also developed the game. All is Dust is a first person horror exploration game. It’s the year 1931, you play as Thomas Joad and Oklahoma has been brought to its knees by the Dust Bowl. But the suffocating dust is the …

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Lex Mortis was released on February 9, 2015 by Denise Esie who also developed the game. Lex Mortis is an open world survival horror played from the first person perspective. This game was released on Steam early access. The game is set on an island but the gameworld is fairly extensive and the game map is …

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The Talos Principle was released on December 11, 2014 by Devolver Digital. The game was developed by Croteam. The Talos Principle is a puzzle game presented from the first person perspective. The game can also be switched to the third person perspective. Unlike many games today, The Talos Principle has lots of puzzles for the player …

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Passing Pinewood Forest was released on November 21, 2014 by United Independent Entertainment. The game was developed by VIS – Visual Imagination Software, Passing Pinewood Forest is a horror adventure. Passing Pineview Forest is a free mini-prequel set in the universe of Pineview Drive. Behind the abandoned house on Pineview Drive lies ominous Pineview Forest. The dark, …

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the forest

The Forest was released on May 30, 2014 by Endnight Games who also developed it. The Forest  is a survival horror game. To survive, you’ll need to build a shelter, explore the forest to seek out vital resources and defend yourself from any mutants you come across. There has a better than average crafting system to …

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tesla effect

Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure was released on May 8, 2014 by ATLUS USA. The game was developed by Big Finish Games. Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure is an old style puzzle adventure game. Like the previous three games, Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure tells much of its story through live-action full-motion video sequences, and …

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The Elder Scrolls® Online: Tamriel Unlimited™

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited was released on April 4, 2014 by Bethesda. The game was developed by Zenimax. Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited is a massive multiplayer role playing game. The award-winning fantasy role-playing series, The Elder Scrolls goes online – no game subscription required. Buy it once and play as much as you …

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Fingerbones was released on March 20, 2014 by David Szymanski . The game was developed by David Szymanski. It’s a short, narrative-focused horror experience, in the vein of games like Serena. If you’re averse to reading or demand overt threats and jump scares in your horror games, this is not a game for you. The game deals with disturbing …

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Thief was released February 27, 2014 by Square Enix. The game was developed by Eidos Montreal. Thief is a first person action role playing game. This is the 4th release for the Thief series which first came to the PC back in 1998. Thief is set in a dark fantasy world inspired by Victorian, gothic, and …

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ArchAge was released on January 15, 2013 by XL Games who also developed the game.  ArchAge is a role playing game. This game can be played either as a first person or third person as desired. In addition to traditional combat settings, ArcheAge offers naval combat in such settings where players have to secure trade routes or engage …

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