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US $100

A lot of AAA games are becoming so expensive to develop that publishers have been pushed to use DLC with parts of what used to be part of the game historically. So far DLC has managed to work when the costs are reasonable but some have abused the DLC model which has attracted a lot …

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Intel has a new version of their processor diagnostic tool. Its handy to be sure your machine is working as expected. The program includes Visual C++ runtimes so there is no need to download them separately. The tool will check the CPU instructions widely to be sure all the modes are working to spec. Works …

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From the early days of the internet, network neutrality mean that every packet was equal. Now with the new Donald Trump regime, we expect that such equality will be rescinded. This will favor large corporations at the expense of the small ones. It also means the internet services for consumers may be curtailed considerably. Netflix …

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Microsoft has stabbed Live Mail 2012  users in the back. Live Mail 2012 comes as part of the Live Essentials 2012 package for Windows 7 users. Microsoft dumped Live Mail in favor of using other solutions. Part of the problem is that Microsoft has put all of its resources into the Outlook project at the …

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Sometimes a CPU or other component is returned. Generally this is not a problem. Sometimes small things do get lost. PC components are pretty standard, there are not many different screw types used. Everything is pretty modular. What is more concerning is the reports of a person buying a $1000 processor and the box contains …

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Basically all the bulging and leaking but it is important to understand what is going on with the performance of the capacitor when it is considered to have failed. Basically the capacitor is no longer performing to its normal specification. Thus far, only Abit has come forward and stated that its capacitors have been faulty, …

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Starting in the 1970s, several magazines were launched to coincide with the arrival of the first personal computers. Many magazines developed large scale circulation. Some exceeded 100,000 subscribers or more. Once the internet grew, magazines moved online or perished. The rise of the internet saw the vast majority of print magazines fail. Here is the …

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ATARI 2600

The Atari 2600 was released on September 11, 1977 by Atari. The 2600 is a second generation game console that typically came with a pair of joysticks and maybe a game pad depending on the year purchased. Aftermarket joysticks and pads were available. Unlike first generation machines that were generally hard coded logic, The machine launched …

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In 1974, Dr. Gary A. Kildall, while working for Intel, created CP/M as the first operating system for the new microprocessor. CP/M based machines helped propel personal computers in the 1970s. Machines were much less expensive than mainframe based solutions. Intel 8080 Intel 8085 Zilog Z80 The early 8-bit processors topped out at 64KB of memory. …

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