headerHouse of the Dying Sun was released on November 1, 2016 by Marauder Interactive who also developed the game, House of the Dying Sun is a space action shooter.

There have not been a lot of space action shooters released so House of the Dying Sun is trying to fill the gap. This game reminds us of the classic games like X-Wing etc.

House of the Dying Sun was known as Enemy Starfighter when it was in Steam early access. The game is now released.

In House of the Dying Sun the player is in the cockpit of the Harbinger fleet interceptor. Gameplay is hunting down enemies and upgrading the ship.

A keyboard and mouse work OK but a console gamepad is needed for VR,. The game supports both the Rift and the Vive using SteamVR. It will NOT support Oculus Touch or Vive Wand controllers.


  • Classic Gameplay
  • VR Support
  • Steam Achievements
  • 14 campaign scenarios

The campaign is actually not bad and it is enough to get players ready for the Challenge mode. The storey is reasonably good too.

For those with VR hardware this game needs a gamepad to go with the headset.


This game needs a fairly powerful video card with 2048MB VRAM. It also needs at least 4 cores and 4GB of memory. The game looks especially good on ultra-wide 21:9 panels.
House of the Dying Sun

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