rb6boxTom Clancy’s Rainbow Six  was released May 15, 1998 by Red Storm Interactive who also developed the game. Rainbow Six is a tactical first person shooter.

Rainbow Six is set in the year 1999. Before each mission is a planning stage, during which the player is given a briefing, and then chooses the operatives to be involved in the mission, their weapons, equipment and uniform/camouflage. In earlier games, the player pre-established orders and way points during this step.

Successful missions often last just minutes, but may require dozens of repetitions and planning changes (many more for beginners). During gameplay, the player controls only one team member directly, and can see stats for that member and all units on the Heads-Up Display.

Teams not under player control follow the orders given to them in the planning stage. The player can take control of any living operative at will, making them the leader.

The game uses the arrow keys to move around but it can be remapped to WASD which is what the shooter genre has generally accepted for PC games.


Eagle Watch was released January 31, 1999. It adds 5 new missions, 4 new operatives, 3 new weapons and new multiplayer modes. The expansion was packaged with the original game as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Gold Pack Edition in 1999.


Rainbow Six has basic multiplayer capacity. All have long ago been retired.


Operating System Windows 95 or better
CPU Pentium 166 or better
Memory 16 MB or more
Hard Drive Space 424 MB
Graphics Hardware DX6 2MB or better
Network Broadband Internet Connection Required

This game uses DX 5.2 which needs at least 2MB of VRAM to the texture maps with. The game supports 320×200 to 1024×768 resolutions.