Strangers in a Strange LandStrangers in a Strange Land was released on Jukly 28, 2017 by SOMG who also developed the game. Strangers in a Strange Land is an adult role playing game,

Billy. 18 year old , college Student Billy goes with his step-family to a farm that his step-dad recently bought from an auction.

From the first moment that they arrive there, strange things start to happen … Will Billy find out what is going on? Is his family in danger? Will he survive? Only one way to find out!

This game takes its gameplay from the old point and click genre is old with a modern 3D environment. Progress is easy.

The game currently contains :

1. Puzzles where Billy needs to find clues on what is going on
2. Adult scenes with and without Billy
3. Animated adult scenes with click-to-progress option

Play time is roughly 1-2 hours. If you are following a walk-through but depending on the first time player the game promises a lot more play time.

This game has been subject to being taken down from Steam, only to be reinstated later. Steam has since changed its stance and now offers adult entertainment to be offered.

This is the kind of game that is basically an incest porn.  If you download uncensored patch, then it’s worth it.


An uncensored patch is available here.


Operating System Windows XP or better
CPU Core 2 Duo processor or better
Memory 2 GB or more
Hard Drive Space 4 GB
Graphics Hardware NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT
AMD x1800 XL
Network Broadband Internet Connection Required

The game engine uses OpenGL 1.1 so integrated graphics will work fine.


Strangers in a Strange Land screenshot