taobao-logoTaoBao is owned by Alibaba and it has been flagged by the US as a known counterfeit haven. China obviously balked but until the problems are corrected we back the USTR move to stop the flood of fakes.

TaoBao has also moved to ban virtual currency Bitcoin sales. This move comes after China’s central bank tightened regulations.

TaoBao was previously put on the USTR blacklist, which identifies companies known for the sale of counterfeit products and for violations of intellectual property rights, in 2011.

TaoBao was removed from the list in 2012 after it made efforts to address concerns of intellectual property rights holders and committed to reduce the number of pirated and counterfeit goods on its website.

We identified TaoBao as a probable source of counterfeit computer memory. Many Asian vendors operate on Ebay is another haven for counterfeit goods. Ebay also resisted taking steps to clean up the problems.

We buy large amounts of computer memory for system upgrades and we have lost a significant amount of money to counterfeit RAM, flash memory, video cards and power supplies.

We checked the known fake DDR3 vendors on Ebay and we found most of them were also on Alibaba and TaoBao. Clearly there is a large scale effort with vast amounts of bad memory products. Small wonder the USTR blacklisted them.