uplay logoUplay is operated by Ubisoft and they have been falling behind with network security. Game server certificate problems with obsolete settings and other issues do not sit well with Windows 10 security.


This server's certificate is not trusted, Certificate uses an insecure signature. 
     Upgrade to SHA2  
This server supports weak Diffie-Hellman (DH) key exchange parameters.
The server private key is not strong enough.
This server accepts RC4 cipher, but only with older protocols.
HTTP request to this server failed.

ghostreconnetwork.ubi.com is vulnerable to the POODLE attack

Ubisoft needs to also move SHA2 s SHA1 has been deprecated and deemed weak.

Ubisoft should use wildcard wildcard certificates which cover all games from one primary domain. They should have a person on staff to manage security as lax security can result in a major loss for the company.