Microsoft is cleaning up some old baggage with Windows 10 at long last.

  • The TPM management is being replaced.
  • 3D Building is now moved to the Store.
  • Mitigation Toolkit is being replaced by the Endpoint Protection in Windows Defender.
  • Paint is moved to the Store in favor of Paint 3D.
  • Outlook Express is gone.
  • Improved on-screen keyboard for tablets and phones
  • Added a currency converter to the calculator
  • OneDrive on Demand reduces the need for local storage
  • Better handwriting AI

Some other changes are less visible but Microsoft has been working hard now for 2 years on Windows 10 trying to make it thoroughly modern.

Outlook Express was first out back in the last 1990s and very few use it anymore.

Security in Windows 10 now has merged the corporate and consumer code into one more powerful system. Windows will now controlled access for downloads to be able to protect against ransomware etc. When detected it is automatically submitted for deeper analysis and removed.

Changes for cellular enabled Windows rigs include better support for worldwide services. Many Windows tablets are available with cellular connectivity.

There is an app version of Paint 3D for tablet users.

The OneDrive on demand will be a boon t tablet users with limited storage. Now Onedrive will download on demand and not rely entirely on using up local storage.

For tablet and phone users, the new handwriting AI will now support more gestures and should be helpful for those with more complex languages.

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