Windows 10 Anniversary edition (version 1607) build 14393 was released on August 2, 2016 .This article deals primarily with the changes Microsoft has made to Windows 10. The primary user features are largely completed.

The first change is the removal of a registry key that allowed users to stop advertisements for things like Office upgrades etc. We see monthly solicitations to upgrade.


Improvements to DX12 include WDDM 2.1 which is used by feature level 12 and 12.1. High Dynamic Range has been added to DXGI 1.5 to support 4K UHD video. Variable refresh displays are new capabilities for sync. Shader model 6 has some changes to support parallel rendering better.

Quantum Break uses DX12 and it does not work with older CPUs. The game needs POPCNT bit manipulation which is available from about 2010 onwards. Our i3-2100 is Sandy Bridge is adequate and our AMD Phenom II 965 is also adequate. The  game is very demanding and even the i7-6700K will be saturated..


Dual video cards work with FX9, DX10 and DX11 games fine. DX12 however uses cards differently. 99% of rigs have one video card which is not a problem. The issue only emerges with DX12 games and dual video cards.


One of the big changes is the move to modularize the operating system. This is to be able to more easily support mobile devices. Low cost mobile phones can have minimal storage in additional to minimal memory. At the $99 price point, its hard to reduce costs without adversely affecting the product.

Shortly before the release of Anniverary Update, Intel and Microsoft both announced large scale cuts to their mobile divisions. This suggests they are abandoning the low end of the market to Android etc.


Universal Windows asps are intended to make it easier to have the same program run on a wide range of devices. The game Quantum Break was released as a UWA and the game ran so poorly that even flagship video cards performed poorly.

We have long criticised that middleware etc are not performance friendly. Games have long been at the forefront for performance and anything that hurts that is only going to hurt sales. If the game runs poorly reviews turn negative fast.


The Edge browser now supports extensions.


Windows 10 anniversary edition has enhanced the Windows Defender considerably. Microsoft has made changes to run Windows Defender in the background so that its not intrusive like previous versions. Using a low process priority makes it possible to run unnoticed.

Windows 10 now provides notifications once scans are complete.


Microsoft has continued to work on Cortana which will be very helpful for mobile users. Cortana has also been ported to Android which is now being much better supported along with Windows handsets. iPhones are not being supported as deeply.


The Store has now been expanded with more desktop and mobile applications. Games will be major feature as Microsoft tries to get market share from competitors.

You can get rig of the start notifications from the settings and personalization. This will speed up the boot and reduce internet usage.
Windows 10 start options